1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System Review

In recent time, Lifetimes is producing great basketball variety by manufacturing high quality portable Basketball Review system along with great quality which is quite affordable. Lifetime is a renowned company and lays great concern on durability and performance of its products. The less expensive options can work better due to strong backboard which is made of high quality material and comes with a good support. The price of the Lifetime 1269-inch hoop system is moderately priced. With good quality components you will find that it gives a great value of money.  I have done many reviews on Lifetime basketball hoops that are simply low in budget and have found a variety of these products to be in a great quality. These affordable basketball hoops are specifically made for families and friends who want to enjoy and learn this beautiful game. The Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Basketball System comes also in this category and is considered one of the lowest priced hoops ever produced. With great price, it is also very much portable and all of its components come in an apprehensive quality.

Table of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

The 1269 Pro Court Basketball Hoop by Lifetime, provides a genuine yet affordable basketball set up in your back yard. The 44 inch unbreakable backboard is constructed using heavy-duty polyethylene. With greater durability, this basketball hoop is rust and corrosion resistant too.   The design of the graphics ismade in such a way, that it can be visible enough so that the players can see the target even in rainy or shiny weather thus, making the board fade resistant. The pole comes in three pieces which is later assembled by the user, though the pole is suitable with any environment and has adjustable range from 7.5 to 10 inches with an increment of 6 inches each.

The rim of the hoop is very durable which is loaded with spring to give a certain bounce with a nylon net which can withstand any weather. This hoop also comes with a lifetime warranty making you stress free for longer period of time. The strengths in Lifetime 1269 Pro Court are very wide. One of them is the traditional without the spring rim to the low dual compression breakaway rims that are generally found nowadays in most of the budget friendly basketball hoops. It is because they are a bit bouncy when you take a shot and that hits the rim, making them flimsy and undesirable quality rims. Whereas, the rims having no spring are solid and give a good response to shots. The fact is that less expensive basketball rims can’t hold up for longer whether or not the hoop consists of a breakaway rim.

Lifetime 1269 comes with a relatively large 27-gallon base which in this price is not really easy to found. The base is one of the vital components when the word portable is used with any basketball system. Having a smaller base will lead your hoop to propel down during windy days and heavy dunks. Big things short, the wider and bigger the base, greater the stability of hoop. The hoop is very portable and easy to install. With just filling the base with sand or water, and setting up the rim, the basketball hoop is set up and ready to go. With the option of using this basketball hoop for both indoor and outdoor, it can easily set up where ever you wish to like. One of the major drawbacks in 1269 Pro Court Basketball Reviews Hoop is its backboard, which is very small at 44 inches and is constructed with polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate is thelowest quality material used on backboards, which are not even durable and don’t even perform well during the gameplay. Thisgives a very unresponsive feelingwhen the ball is struck on the backboard.

Also the telescoping height adjustment procedure doesn’t really fit the user needs and requires generally two person to change the height. It is done by supporting the upper portion of the hoop while pulling it or raising it upwards, thus making height adjustment not really easy especially for children. The three-piece pole comes in a very bad quality of basketball hoops. The pole is very unstable during gameplay and on windy days it simply becomes impossible to dunk because of the continuous movement of the pole. Therefore, Lifetime doesn’t provide a support pole that can simply balance this movement, hence making it much easier to purchase a support pole when driving to the hoop.


Specification and Features

  • The 44″ backboard is impact resistant which is made with heavy duty polyethylene to provide maximum strength and durability.
  • The telescoping mechanism sets the height from 7.5 to 10 feet with an increment of six inches each.
  • The pole comes in three pieces which is round in shape, and is attached to portable 27-Gallon base which can be filled with either sand or water.
  • The rims are very traditional with nylon net which is suitable for every weather indoor and outdoor use.
  • Comes with an extensive five year limited warranty from bending and breaking.
  • The height adjustable system is very portable with a 44-inch backboard use.
  • The construction and parts are UV protected which prevents chipping and cracking in any climatic condition.
  • The whole system is made in America with eighteen inch black solid rim and 0.5 inches steel braces.

Final Verdict and Review

In my opinion, the 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, is an affordable Basketball Reviews 2018 hooping system with not much great quality. Starting from the packaging, which is shipped not on time and comes in a very bad condition, most of the parts are missing from the package and some of them have even rust on them. When it comes to assembly, it is pretty much simple and straight forward and can be done single handedly. Though the manual is understandable, but the level of English used is very low and should be written in the place from where it was manufactured. The holes which are present to join the rim doesn’t give a complete swing of wrenches while tightening them. Overall, the product is bearable for the ones who have just started its basketball career and kids who want to enjoy playing in their free time. Not recommended for professional athletes though.






      Ease of Use


        Shipping time





            • No massive installation required, the hoop is very convenient.
            • This hoop is very budget friendly especially for those who are planning to buy a hooping system.
            • Comes with a five year limited warranty against bending or breaking which shows how Lifetime is backing up its product.
            • Standard rims work better than break away rims.
            • The product is very durable which doesn’t gives cracking and bending.


            • Water leaks out from the base.
            • Break-away rim is not inserted which can damage your hand while dunking and layups.
            • Children may be requiring some assistance for adjusting the hoop.
            • No hoop is present to support pole balance.
            • Backboard is very small which is made of low quality polycarbonate material.
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