54-Inch Backboard and Rim Combo by Spalding Review

In recent world, you will find that most of the basketball hoops are either portable or In-Ground. For the ones who are searching for an ideal rim with a backboard system attached to a wall or anywhere, the variety to find these type of hoops have become immensely less. So if someone really wants to purchase such hoops, then Spalding 79564 Backboard and Rim Combo is the best and solid option to go for. This hoop is perfect to set up in a garage or backyard where you really want to put the things up. The main attracting factor of these systems is their simple assembly guide as compared to much complex and difficult ones of In-Ground and Portable Basketball Review hoops.

Spalding backboard and rim combo is manufactured specifically to install on a pole or wall, and making your backyard a basketball heaven.  In this package, there is a 54-inch backboard which is made of acrylic and having framing of heavy duty steel. The backboard is designed in such a way to give same feel and look of a pro-style backboard, letting you shoot bank shots and layups easily with confidence. The arena slam breakaway rims have the ability to withstand high intensity force of dunk shots which are used widely in modern games. The rim consists of traditional wrapping of steel support braces, with dual compression smooth springs that are made to bend the rim when the pressure is applied. With this system a lot of pressure is released from backboard which further increases its durability. The combo also comes with a nylon net which is ideal to use in every weather condition, branded NBA logo is also printed on it.

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  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

The 54-inch backboard and rim combo by Spalding arerated as one of the best wall assembled basketball hoops which can be set up on straight post and outdoor. Spalding’s rim combo and backboard, makes the look of your lawn very aesthetic, which will be soon the best place to enjoy your free time. The assembly of this system is immensely easy because no digging, filling or fitting of any component or item is to be done. The instructions written on the package manual are brief and the things you need to set this system up are provided in the package. With a mount, you can attach the backboard with a square pole, wall or in a garage. It is recommended to purchase Spalding’s U-Turn Lift System Bracket which will adjust the height of the mounting you have done on the wall. Though it is also recommended to use assistance of someone while setting up the backboard because it is quite heavy and needs to hold up.

In thepackage there is a 54-inch acrylic backboard which is constructed using heavy-duty metal making it very strong along with great feel and look.

The backboard is spring loaded which gives you the ability to perform dunks and layups very securely and with confidence. The white nylon net is suitable to withstand every weather condition and with NBA logo on it makes this product quite similar to with other Spalding’s hoops. With the new technique of arena slam, the rim is designed to handle extensive force while dunking which is very widely done in modern day Basketball Reviews  . The rim is constructed with steel and smooth spring to produce elasticity in the rim when pressure is applied. Thus, also releasing additional pressure from the backboard respectively. The thing that really attracts the customer to purchase it is about wall-mounted hoops that give strong backboard support to make the rebounding of the ball after impacting with the board, have acertain velocity. This thing is very unlikely to be found in many portable basketball systems. But in Spalding 79564 Backboard and Rim combo, the repute of sturdy backboard performance is consistent. This system can be easily set up if you have a moderate dimension pole, but in case you want to hang it up from a wall you maybe requiring an additional wall-mount bracket to do this.

Specification and Features

  • The backboard and rim are constructed in such a way to set them up easily with a wall or square pole.
  • High quality acrylic backboard having a size of 54 inches is used which gives good impact bounce and extensive rebounding.
  • Dual Compression springs are used in Arena slam breakaway rims.
  • The design and feel is just like a professionally designed backboard.
  • A nylon net is used which hasthe ability to withstand every weather condition along with a printed NBA logo on it.

Final Verdict and Review

In my opinion, the 54-Inch Backboard and Rim Combo by Spalding are one of high quality combo rim and backboards which are very affordable and save a lot of your space. When I ordered this system, it arrived in five days and the box of backboard was all torn up but thank god there was no damage to the components. After reading the instruction manual, I found that one of the specifications was wrong, due to mismatching of one sized spacers. I assembled by reading the instruction carefully and within two years and I mounted it on a wall of my backyard. By hanging the mount and backboard myself, I was all set to play. basketball Reviews 2018 The backboard gave a great impact bounce and the breakaway rims were performing immensely well during hard dunk shots. Overall, the Spalding 79564Backboard and Rim Combois a great set to purchase because of its affordable price and high quality. Though, professionals do not really prefer to use this system, but it’s a great set for beginners to practice their shooting skills.  Theframe, backboard and steel rim are high quality stuff which can be assembled very easily.






      Ease of Use


        Shipping time





            • The system is very easy to assemble and instructions given on the package manual are brief and precise.
            • Very affordable because it is coming without a base and pole.
            • The rim is made of high quality steel and breakaway very easily.
            • The padding on backboard gives extensive safety to the players.
            • All the dimensions are with respect to official NBA rules.


            • Acrylic backboard does not really provide that feel as the glass backboard use to do.
            • The backboard starts to vibrate when high intensity shots are struck on it.
            • Wall mount hardware is not provided with the package.
            • Shipping cost is not included with the package budget.
            • Warranty should be included.
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