Lifetime 1529 Courtside Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System Review

One of the renowned companies, Lifetime manufactures products that consist of new and superior technology which are constructed in plastics and metal material, which helps your family spend a budget friendly lifestyle with durable and high quality products. Lifetime is the maker of world’s best portable chairs and tables and was founded in 1986 as the manufacturer of portable basketball Review hoop that move this company onto next level. The reason of Lifetime’s popularity is due to the fact that they are very user friendly. By making products which can be found in and outside your home with maximum portability and making your time valuable.

If you are a beginner and want to start up your basketball career by training like a professional, then Lifetime 1529 Courtside height adjustable portable basketball system is the best fit for you.  This system consist of a 50 inch glass backboard with a one by one inch frame transparent surface. Having a thickness of 3.5 millimeters, the polyethylene material provides protection for all the high flying athletes, while the bottom of the backboard is eligible to provide genuine board tracks. The high density slam-it rim comes with a breakaway rim having steel rams which lets you to perform dunks and layups like a professional without having a second thought of injuries. A diameter of 3.5 inch is being used on pole, to keep your landing safe while doing dunks. The system is covered with black powder finish that protects it from elements such as rust and corrosion.

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  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

One of the top rated hoops which comes in an affordable price while having features and benefits same as other high models. The Slam-it rim consist of a dual compression spring which gives a very powerful and strong bounce. The nylon net is suitable for every weather condition which are suspended with welded steel net hooks, which makes this basketball hoop to be constructed for greater longevity. Been constructed in such a way to withstand any climatic condition and the setting up of system is very straight forward which are given step by step on instruction manual. It is very easy to assemble the hoop with the instruction manual that is included in the guide. The manual consist of diagrams and brief description about every component with its actual size, hence making them easy to identify. For an average guy, this assembly will consume his three hours, which is really impressive if he is doing all the assembly on his own, as the instructions are very clear. Once you are done with assembling the system, your experience on this hoop will be very valuable.

The rim of lifetime’s 1529 gives the feel and impact sound just like a high quality rim. Having the ability to withstand shots from every corner of the yard, this features is certainly one of the best. Having some mesmerizing features in a very affordable price tag, the Lifetime 1529 Portable Basketball Reviews  Hoop, certainly won’t meet the desire of professionals or the ones who are expecting much more than a basic hoop. Though, this hoop consist of a 50 inch polycarbonate backboard which is extremely durable and comes in a good price.But, you should have that thing in mind that polycarbonate isn’t really best if compared with acrylic or tempered glass backboards. Hence, Lifetime 1529 provide great quality strength anyhow.

Just like budget friendly hoop, the Lifetime 1229 portable basketball system also consist of telescoping mechanism to help you with height adjustment. In a range between 8 feet to 10 feet, the height of the hoop can be adjusted with unlimited increments. Though, in telescoping mechanism, it is advisable to work with two people while adjusting the height. When it comes to the base of Lifetime 1529, it is considered a bit smaller than most of the portable hoops. Having capacity of only 27 gallons, the portable base can be filled with either water or sand. With a smaller base and an upright design, the Lifetime 1529 is more likely to tip during severe weather conditions and high intensity game plays. Whereas, it is very easy and compatible to transport this hoop with two wheels below the base, which makes the system roll able from one place to another. In a package of Lifetime 1529, the pole comes in three pieces that comes with a rust resistant coating which increases system durability. Though, three-piece pole system is not that much sturdy as one or two-piece basketball hoops, due to the fact it consists of unreliable shaking and vibration while taking shots.

Specification and Features

  • The unbreakable fusion backboard has the dimensions of 50 by 30 by 2 inches, having a blow molded frame padding that is not easy to break.
  • Consist of quick shift height procedure that makes the adjustment very easy in a range of eight to ten feet.
  • Having a base capacity of 27 gallons gives the hoop portability and stability, which can be filled with either sand or water.
  • The slam-it rim with dual compressions spring can withstand high intensity dunk shots.
  • The system is covered with a coating that can withstand severe climatic conditions.
  • Comes with a five year manufacturer warranty.

Final Verdict and Review

In my opinion, the 1529 basketball Reviews 2018 hoop by lifetimes is one of the best affordable priced system that is present in the market. From packaging to performance this system is really impressive in every department with only few minor drawbacks. The package arrived at my doorstep within a week, in a very good packaging enclosed in a box. When I opened the box all the components looked fresh and undamaged. I started assembling the system on my own as the instruction on the manuals were very easy to understand with pictures and brief descriptions on it and finally after three hours I fully assembled it on my own very easily. Once the system was assembled, I was all set to enjoy with my family. The experience was great with extensive features such as quick height adjustment, shatter proof backboard and potable base. The wheels situated below the base makes it very easy to move around. The unbreakable backboard can withstand my high intensity shots while the rim easily breakaway during dunks and layups. One issue which I faced mostly was the vibration of system due to the pole which came in three pieces and the base looked very small in size that nearly tipped on one of my powerful shot. Overall, it’s a quite basic and affordable priced hoop which is recommended mostly for beginners and families.






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            • The system is very affordable with high quality performance.
            • Constructed in United states of America.
            • The product is backed with five years limited warranty.
            • The wheels attached on 27 gallon base makes the transportation very easy from one place to another.
            • The three piece pole is covered with rust resistant finish which increases hoops durability and performance.


            • The 27 gallon base is bit smaller which gives more chances of tipping during heavy wind.
            • The dual compression springs are not coated with rust resistant finish.
            • The system vibrates too much during high intensity shots due to three piece pole system.
            • Polycarbonate backboards doesn’t provide the performance up to the level of tempered glass.
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