Lifetime 50 Inch Shatter Proof Portable Basketball Hoop Review

Lifetime comes in the list of one of the biggest constructors of blow-molded polyethylene portable chairs, tables and Basketball Review equipment. Therefore, they also make outdoor storage facility, efficient trailers and garden equipment. Discovered in 1972 by Barry Mower, Lifetime equipment works at Clearfield, Utah, by making products mostly in plastic and steel. Hence, to make an affordable lifestyle of people through superior and overwhelming products. This hoop consists of new inventions in traditional games by providing extensive level of enjoyment and fun. The unbreakable 50-inch Fusion backboard comes with a polycarbonate playing surface with a shatter proof polyethylene coveringto give a long lasting and professional design. Having graphics that are red in color are printed with UV covered inks to provide authentic color that is durable outdoors. Coming to the rim, it consist of Slam-it feature with dual compression springs, thus delivering the ball back in quickly. The nylon net attached to the rim is an ideal net which is suitable for every weather. Having speed shift system allows the height to adjust in the range from 7.5 feet to 10 feet.

Table of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

This hoop is constructed with latest ideas which fits easily for children and expertise. Thus, providing them greater enjoyment.  The shatterproof backboard is constructed with polycarbonate, with an additive unbreakable frame which gives longevity and professional design. Also, the graphics on the board are printed and covered with UV secure ink, which gives a mesmerizing red color that lasts very long. The rim consist of double compression spring that have a high impact bounce and launches the ball back in field play. Nylon net is used which is able to stand in any weather. The height of the rim can be easily and quickly adjusted with its advanced speed shit unit. The 35-gallon portable base can be filled with sand or water, to give a secure peace of mind while dunking along with three piece pole. It is recommended to fill the base with sand because it will provide maximum stability and will settle down very easily.

This hoop consist of a Slam-it rim technology that uses dual compression springs which shows greater elasticity under pressure. Hence providing you stress free dunking due to breakaway rims which protects your hands in high intensity game plays just like an NBA basketball Reviews hoop. A nylon net which is suitable to withstand every weather condition is provided, thus giving you an overwhelming experience.  One of the best feature of Lifetime 50 inch shatter proof backboard is the action grip speed shift technology in which a handling grip is provided behind the system to make the height adjustment easily and quickly by just giving a push or pull. An adjustable range from 7.5 feet to 10 feet is provided to quickly adjust the height of the rim with an increment of six inches each. This process is one of the easiest to follow which can be operated by anyone single handedly. The graphics are printed using UV protected ink which are design in such a way to be fade resistant. Thus, giving the same look and feel of backboard after several years.

Every Lifetime product is constructed and assembled in United State of America that ensures you good packaging in a sturdy box and the type of shipment on which you will be really pleased.  This product comes with five year limited warranty against bending or breaking of components. This shows how lifetime is standing with its product, so that you can lay your trust on them and purchase this basketball hoop. There is also an option of refunding the product back within thirty days if it doesn’t really match with your expectations.

Specification and Features

  • Consist of Makralon polycarbonate backboard in a size of 50” which offers the same look and feel of international glass like in NBA.
  • The component is designed in such a way to withstand severe climatic condition.
  • With an action grip height adjustment you can easily set the height between 7.5 feet to 10 feet with an increment of six inches.
  • By using only one hand you can easily set the height.
  • The Slam-it rim is made of solid steel having dual compression spring by which the nylon net is hanged using welded net hooks.

Final Verdict and Review

In my opinion, the Lifetime 50 inch shatter proof hoop is one of the best affordable priced basketball Reviews 2017 system with great quality but with some few drawbacks too. When I ordered this product it was shipped very fast within three days and came in good packaging of a sturdy box. All of the components listed with the manual were present on it and they were in goodcondition. When I started assembling, I faced an extreme tough time because in the instruction guide the steps were not well written and only pictures were there to help you with. I asked the help of my father and finally after 4 hours I assembled the whole system. I filled the base with sand which gave more stability than water. When I started shooting some shots, it was all good in start but when I increased the intensity of my dunks, I experienced that the bar is vibrating and the nylon net is not letting the ball pass comfortably. Therefore, in a budget friendly these minor issue can be neglected but that assembling thing need to be look forward. Overall, a decent purchase and it is recommend for beginners to go for it.






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        Shipping time





            • Polyethylene is used for the construction of backboard that gives maximum durability.
            • Having an adjustable range from 7.5 feet to 10 feet, anyone who wants to practice their skills can adjust the hoop.
            • Friction weld joint makes sure that the contact of pole with hoop be in one place.
            • Height adjustment is very easy to do and requires a push or pull of only one hand.
            • Comes with an affordable price tag in which free shipment is also included.


            • The backboard is not really beefy thick.
            • Assembling the hoop is very difficult as it consumes a lot of time and work.
            • The instructions are not really understandable.
            • The nylon net doesn’t passes the ball through it smoothly.
            • The pole cap is missing from the top which may cause rust and corrosion internally.
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