NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball System by Spalding Review

A part of Russell Brands, LLC Spalding are one of the leading basketball suppliers in the world, and also America’s first baseball manufacturer. National Basketball Association (NBA) and Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) have made Spalding as theirofficial basketball sponsor.Being a leading developer and provider of Basketballs Review , volleyballs, footballs and soccer balls, in recent time Spalding started making softballs under a brand named Dudley. Whereas, the trademarks Dudley and Spalding are owned by Russel brands, LLC.

In today’s review I’ll be telling you about one of Spalding basketball hoops which is known as, Spalding “The Beast” 75460 Portable Basketball Hoop. This hoop consists of a 60-inch glass backboard along with two pieces of 5-inch square angled pole along with components such as screw in water level base cap, tempered glass backboard and the pro image breakaway rim. The system consists of an adjustable range of 7.5 feet to 10 feet which is done through screw jack adjustment system that is extremely portable using a set of multiple wheels and handles. The backboard is constructed so well that it gives 37% impact rebound than acrylic.

Table of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

The NBA “Beast” is one of the highly rated portable basketball hoops that are available in the market. Though, it is not really budget friendly, but delivers good performancein your rightful investment. The best feature of this hoop is the tempered glass backboard which is very expensive and is mostly used in basketball games worldwide. Due to the fact it provides a good impact bounce, thus making playing more exciting. The size of the rim is designed considering official NBA regulation and the height is adjustable from 7.5 to 10 inches, having an increment of six inches each. The base of the hoop is very wide and stable, which by filling with sand or water gives the ability to handle up to four hundred pounds. Thick wheels are also attached on the base which help the whole system to move around easily.

For practicing, a rebounder is added at the base which helps to throw the ball freely. The nylon net is white in color which gives a very professional look. Overall, “The Beast” is constructed to give portability, security and good playing experience. There are grey insert covers that work as a support during and before the play adjustment and as a rebounder while playing. There is a 4 pointer Z-arm board mounted that offers greater stability and goal build up. The pro image breakaway rim gives natural impact bounce around the hoop.

To assemble Spalding’s “The Best” Basketball Reviews hoop, it is necessary to have the assistance of at least two people to make your work quick and simple. The pole comes in two parts and needs proper fitting of one inside the other, and putting them on a piece of wood while holding them with a 90 degree angle.  Therefore, the guide and instruction manual of this hooping system is provided in the package which is very well written but, still you will be requiring some assistance to set up this system. Though, it is also fairly recommended to use sand instead of water, due to the fact that sand will provide greater stability and will fit in the base very firmly without leakage.

The Beast is very portable and requires minimum installation and then giving maximum convenience. Though the wheels are really built well, but it will simply get your job done. If you are looking for a portable system that will provide you same convenience as an In-Ground or wall-mounted system than I think you should not consider this product. With a wall mount system, you can easily mount the backboard to any side of the house, which should be a tall rigid wall or in the backyard. This system is solidly built than the portable system as wall mount saves a lot of your ground space by not having an external base and pole. Therefore, there are very few systems that have such hardware, so it is essential you add a mounting kit in your list. The last system that Spalding offer is an In-ground system, in which you have to permanently cement the pole into the ground. Though this process takes great man power and assistance as you have to do some serious digging and then place up the pole cementing it, but this system gives you maximum rigidity and essential kit to withstand high intensity games.

Specification and Features

  • The item is shipped in multiple boxes which may have a chance to arrive one by one.
  • This basketball system has an adjustable range from 7.5 feet to 10 feet.
  • The gray insert covers work as a support before the play adjustment and as a rebounder while playing.
  • There are two pieces of poles having 5-inch square angled system and some screws in water height gauge based cover.
  • The backboard is made of glass having a size of 60 inches.
  • Consists of pro image breakaway rims and a nylon net which is ideal for every weather.
  • The base hasa capacity of 50 Gallons and plus, which can be filled with either sand or water.

Final Verdict and Review

In my opinion, NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball Reviews 2018 System by Spalding is an equipment which is made of very good quality but not really budget friendly. When I received this package, it came in three boxes on individual days and the boxes were in avery bad condition when I received. I asked the help of my father to assemble this equipment, after reading the instruction manual and guide I started assembling it which took around 4 hours but was done pretty safely. I filled the base tank with sand and it is recommending to fill it with sand because it will fit in nicely and won’t leak like water. After filling the base, the system became very heavy and I was not able to move it around, though it is written on the description that with the help of wheels you can easily move it, hence in my case it wasn’t. After setting up the system, I started playing on which my experience was very overwhelming and immensely good. Overall, “The Beast” is a high quality product but it is fairly expensive.So I would not recommend this system to beginners.






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        Shipping time





            • The tempered glass backboard offers a good impact bounce around the hoop.
            • The breakaway rims let you easily perform dunk shots and layups without hurting your hand.
            • The base provides maximum stability and with the rolling wheels you can move the whole system around.
            • Adjustable range of 7.5feet to 10 feet is very ideal and everyone from teen to adult can easily access it.
            • Construction is flawless while giving top level of quality, strength and durability.


            • The installation process is very difficult and can’t be done single handedly.
            • The box in which this package arrives is very heavy.
            • The system is very expensive.
            • Some of the components inside are defected and don’t properly fit in.
            • The package comes in a very poor condition.
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