Pro Mini Basketball Hoop by Pro Performance Sports Review

SKLZ is a brand that is very determined for showing and guiding the correct path for athletes and sport lovers to achieve their desired goal. SKLZ is the flagship brand of Pro performance sports which is situated in California, San Diego. SKLZ constructs genuine sport products that consist of great knowledge, performance and skills that is suitable for every age group with respect to their skills. The sport products which this brand makes is football, basketball, golf, soccer and baseball. SKLZ is a renowned brand across the globe which delivers high quality, durable product which is first tested by professional sport athlete, coaches and trainers before delivering them to you. The SKLZ Pro mini Basketball Review hoop, is an indoor hoop with great features such as looks, functionality, durability which shows no major difference than a professional outdoor basketball hoop. The hoop consists of 18×12 inches unbreakable polycarbonate backboard which looks same as a professional NBA hoop. Also, the high quality, spring compressible steel rim gives you a feel of professional athlete while dunking. The rim protects your hand by getting down and then up as you dunk. The Pro mini basketball hoop is a great addition at home, office or outdoor, with easy to assemble technology it can be set up over doors, walls or in your garage. Also includes foam covering, which while mounting on the door won’t peel off the paint.

Table of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

The pro mini basketball hoop by performance is one of the optimal hoop to buy for both, outdoor and indoor recreation. With overwhelming design and looks, it keeps the user entertained throughout b-balling. The pro mini hoop can be adjusted anywhere, inside, outside, alongside pool and your lawn. The adjustable length of 7 feet for court side play and 3.5 feet for poolside play makes the adjustment of height very easy while moving from one place to another with the help of wheels. This system provides greater durability and high quality performance exactly the same as a professional Basketball Reviews hoop thatincludes spring break-away rim too. By just filling the base with sand or water you can set up a strong base and start your dunking experience.  With a break away rim and polycarbonate backboard, it makes the player tension free from breaking or bending of the backboard and rim, thus providing the ability to smash the ball on it hardly as possible. The backboard that comes with pro mini hoop system have the dimensions of 33 by 23 inches of pure unbreakable polycarbonate with a spring compression break away rim with is 14.5inch in length. The dimensions of portable base is 31.6 by 20 by 6.3 inches can be filled with sand or water.

The pro mini hoop comes with a greater design, durability and functionality just like a professional level basketball set up. With 7 inch mini basketball provided, it comes with a nylon net which can withstand any worst weather condition along with assembly and setting up instructions step by step.  The new glow in the dark covering on the hoops, gives the game an extra fun in night, whether you are alone or dunking with your friends. Having quick assembly and easy setting, makes the user conveniently customize its length and challenge friends. Hence, pro mini basketball hoop makes you to achieve your passion for basketball passion very easily as it can be set up on any wall, door or in your garage where there is a steady space and height for basket balling. The size available is suitable for every age group, and everyone gets a freedom for dribble, shoot and dunk as the hoop is made of pure solid. Though, it may appear that rims look a bit thin but with that thin look, they are immensely hard and offers durability for many years. The SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop System provides several hours of enjoyment and fun for basketball lovers. Though, SKLZ is a widely recognized for delivering high quality sport equipment that lasts for several years and is backed up with ninety days limited warranty.

Specification and Features

  • An indoor miniature basketball hoop and comes with a same design and feel of professional outdoor system.
  • Very easy to assemble with the instruction given on the manual which is included in the package, provides a step by step procedure for setting the basketball hoop to doors or walls.
  • The sides are foam padded to protect the doors while mounting.
  • A 5-inch pro mini basketball is included for testing.
  • Nine inches quick break-away spring compressible rims are included for protection while dunking.
  • Eight loops and three ply nylon nets are also included.
  • The unbreakable polycarbonate backboard have the dimensions of 18 by 12 inches.
  • Provides a ninety days limited warranty.
  • The hardware which helps during wall mounting and ball pump are not included.

Final Verdict and Review

In my opinion, the SKRLZ min basketball hoop shows extensive features and benefits, but when I bought this product it was not really up to the mark as stated in its description. The solid break away rim comes in a good quality but after some time, it rattles and starts to bend which gets worse from time to time. By having this issue and ninety days warranty in my bag, I contacted SKRLZ to tell my concern, but they are also not that customer friendly and was wasting my valuable time over a Basketball Reviews 2017 hoop big time. Though, my kids along with me managed to have fun on that rattling break away rim but after a month, the rattling became worst which ended up on breaking of that ‘unbreakable backboard’ by just one shot of my little girl. As far as I remember, the shot was very light which didn’t really had that massive amount of force to crack up the heavy duty board. Though, I again called up SKRLZ who were very supportive and said that this issue is under our warranty and you can claim it but additional charge may be applied which was really shocking for me. The extra amount they were demanding, on that I can buy a whole new hooping system. Overall, in my opinion I won’t suggest anyone to go for this product, because it is very cheap and not really high quality as stated.






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            • The hoop is very affordable which comes with a less expensive price tag and great value.
            • The breakaway rims are made of heavy duty metal which consist of springs that provides elasticity and protects your hand while dunking.
            • Can be easily assembling by following the step by step instructions mentioned in the manual.
            • The product is very durable and is backed with ninety days warranty.
            • A five inch basketball is included which is best for kids who can’t handle natural, heavy balls.


            • The spring which is situated inside of the rim rattles a lot after a singe
            • The hoop and its components are not UV protects which ends up in getting rust.
            • The rims are not welded together which breaks away very easily after several dunks.
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