Silverback In-Ground Basketball System with Tempered Glass Backboard Review

The Silverback SB-60 and SB-54 are In-Ground Basketball Systems that come with tempered glass backboard having the finest quality with a budget friendly price. This hoop is best for families who are looking for overwhelming enjoyment along with competitive action.Also, for professional and intermediate athletes who want to sharpen their skills and technique this hoop is a perfect choice. The SB54 and SB60, are Silverback’s leading In-Ground basketball hoops which come with a tempered glass backboard and a powder-coated steel pole which offers the same performance as international level goal. This hoop consists of a traditional anchor bolt mounting system which lets you to de-assemble the system and setting it up again if you are migrating from one place to another. The SB54 and SB60 use the technology of actuator to set up the goal height according to NCAA and NBA regulations, which is 10 feet maximum and 7.5 feet minimum. The SB54 features padding on backboard to provide protection while doing layups and a breakaway rim that bends due to pressure while dunking. Whereas, the SB60 also includes a backboard with pole padding. SB54 and SB60 come with a five year limited warranty.

Table of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

The Silverback In-Ground Basketball Hoops are constructed with high quality steel, along with powder coated rust preventing rim and breakaway rim. This hoop is designed with great precision and safety, as the breakaway rim and pole padding have the tendency to withstand high intensity games in a safe manner. This is because of the trusted brand known as Escalade sports which have been producing great sporting equipment to provide extensive entertainment for families since 1927, and giving you a good quality product in an affordable price.  With these basketball hoops by Silverback, you’ll learn how to dunk like a professional because it consists of greater durability, stability and design. Just installing it onto the ground, you can enjoy high intensity basketball with this hoop. The backboard consists of a beefy thick glass which is covered with an aluminum frame, just like professional style backboards. The pole is fitted on the ground which can easily handle backboards, thus giving a great impact, rebound and quality.

Passing the glass through tempering process, makes it very safe and secure while playing, giving zero chance of shattering no matter how hard the hit is. A backboard pad has also been included which protects the players while doing layups and jumps to catch rebounds.  The pole pad acts as a safety feature whenever the players are on a fast run and colliding with the pole can give severe injury. Thus, in this hoop the pole is padded with soft cushion which will reduce the risk of injuries if any player collides with it. In Professional Outdoor Basketball Hoop by Silverback, there is also a breakaway rim which consists of springs and flexes during pressure make the rim also an important safety feature. If we compare the two versions of silverback, the first big thing we will notice is the difference in two poles. The Silverback SB60 consists of a two-piece, 4” x 4” 14-gauge steel pole. Though, it is not really recommended for in-Ground goals because 4 x4 pole is very small and doesn’t ensure that it will safely support a hoop of any size hence, making excessive vibration and movement.

The two pieces of the pole are pushed into each other using a certain force which makes few problems.They are not really suitable for dunking and hanging over the rim. Therefore, after some time the link between them will weaken and one of the poles will lean forward, which will simply lead you to replace the whole system that will cost extra money. The next thing which is really considered is the backboard. The SB60 has a dimension of 60 x33 by 5/16 inches andis a tempered glass backboard. Whereas, the SB54 is 54 x34 by 3/8 inches and is also a tempered glass backboard. The board in SB60 is much wider and also comes with a thinner glass. Though, you will get better gameplay with SB54 but a bit shorter in size. There is also one other thing that makes Silverback hoops an amazing buy, which is the zinc coated hardware and DuPont Armor prevention paint. These two features increase the life span of the whole system along with powder coated base. The pole comes in two pieces which gives same strength and stability of a single pole, thus giving you one more reason that why you should invest in Silverback’s in Ground basketball hoops.

Specification and Features

  • Leading In-Ground basketball hoops which gives the same performance as an international style hoop.
  • With anchor mounting, the hoop provides excessive strength of concrete and a possibility to de-assemble and move the goal.
  • Backboard is tempered glass along with breakaway rim that bends under pressure.
  • The steel pole is powder coated with an adjustable range of 7.5 feet to 10 feet having an all-steel actuator.
  • Comes with a five year limited warranty.
  • Padding is done on backboard and pole.

Final Verdict and Review

In my opinion, the hoopsSB54 and SB60by Silverback are one of the best basketball hoops because of their overwhelming durability and affordability. I purchased the SB60 version and was fully satisfied withit. The instructions were very understandable and easy to follow, so I installed the whole set by myself. Though I also heard that some of the users complained about the vibration and clanging noise, in my case there was a vibration and a noise but those were very minor and they don’t really distract the intensity of game. The package came in a van and on my request that guy put it on my yard which was really nice. The set came in a box which was very large and the only assistance I asked for was the digging of concrete. From there, I did cementing myself along with the installation of base plate and pole which was very easy. Though it is recommended to use some assistance while handling and assembling the backboard which is quite heavy. Atleast three people are required to lift the backboard up while standing on the ladder and mounting the four bolts on it. Overall, I am very pleased and happy with my purchase and I would recommended everyone to give Silverback SB60 a shot.






      Ease of Use


        Shipping time





            • Comes with a five year limited warranty which includes backboard glass.
            • The instructions for assembling the hoop are very comprehensible and clear.
            • The pole padding protects the player from severe injuries.
            • The cost of the product is affordable because it is a great piece of equipment.
            • Breakaway rim provides maximum safety especially while dunking.


            • The pole padding is not extensive.
            • Digging of deep hole is required to fill up the base with concrete.
            • Backboard bracing should be attached at the sides and back of the backboard, not in the middle.
            • Poles vibrate during high intensity game play and shots.
            • Overall system is very heavy to set up.
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